MODEL 8112BNC - Clamp Sensors/Adaptor

  • AC Clamp Adaptor
  • Model 8112BNC is an AC clamp adaptor designed for use with oscilloscopes. Output cord has a BNC connector which enables direct observation of current waveform on oscilloscope. Refer to a diagram shown at left for application. Specifications are same as those for Model 8112.
RangeMeasuring Ranges Output Voltage Accuracy Frequency Response
200mAAC 0 - 500mA AC1V/A

±1.5%rdg±0.2mA 50Hz - 1kHz
AC 0 - 1000mA ±3%rdg±0.4mA 40Hz - 10kHz
2AAC 0 - 20A AC100mV/A

±1%rdg±1mA 40Hz - 1kHz
±1.5%rdg±2mA 1k - 10kHz

AC 0 - 20A AC10mV/A

±1%rdg±0.01A 40Hz - 1kHz
AC 20 - 60A ±2.5%rdg 50Hz - 10kHz
AC 60 - 120A ±2.5%rdg 100Hz - 10kHz
Conductor Size Ø8mm max.
Frequency Characteristics 30Hz - 100kHz (-3dB)
Safety Standard IEC 61010-1 CAT II 100V Pollution Degree 2
Withstand Voltage 500V AC for 1 minute
Dimensions 153(L) × 18(W) × 23(D)mm
Weight 100g approx.
Accessories 9095 (Carrying Case)
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